A little bit about Mission Istanbul

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On Friday July 25th, Mission Istanbul starring Zayed Khan, Suneil Shetty, Nikitin Dheer, Shriya Saran and Vivek Oberoi will roar into theaters. It is an action film based around international terrorism and how the media is used to contort the truth. With the release just over a week away here is a little bit about Mission Istanbul.

The story of of the film revolves around Zayed Khan’s character Vikas Sagar, a very ambitious journalist, who takes a job with Al Johara, a television station based in Istaanbul. As he begins to work and then investigate Vikas realizes that channel is used by Abu Nazir one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. As he digs deeper his life is threatened and then is saved by Rizwan Khan (Vivek Oberoi). What happens next you will have to find out when you see the action packed flick.

About his role as the journalist Zayed said, “It is very difficult to play a journalist. Every person, even journalists are normal human beings with emotions. The film is about how terrorism has got into the media, how it uses the media to spread propaganda and brainwash people.”

Vivek is very excited about his role as Rizwan and has high expectations that the film will be enjoyed by audiences, “My expectations are that we have worked really hard and we had tried to tackle a really difficult subject of global terrorism, a difficult subject and I hope that the people go out and see the film and enjoy it. I also want them to see Rizwan Khan and enjoy him.”

Shirya Saran who plays Zayed’s estranged wife in the film said, “The film is full of action. It’s typical Appu’s (Apoora Lakhia) film which has been beautifully picturized. The story of the film revolves around the serious issue dealing with terrorism. The issues related to terrorism have been beautifully portrayed through this film.” Adding, “Every character has been beautifully scripted. The story-telling of the film is like reading a novel, which, you can’t put down even if you want.”

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, the film is set in today’s world and to give the feeling of reality the director used look alike actors to portray George Bush and Osama Bin Laden, “We have used look alikes in the film so that the audience feels closer to reality. We have tried to be real without being real at all.”

However, Lakhia has no idea if the audience will accept Mission Istanbul, “God only knows what the audience wants. About 130 films have been released this year of which only 3 have gone on to become hits.”

From the trailers, Mission Istanbul looks to be a non-stop thrill ride so be sure to check it out on July 25th!

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