“A perfect woman is too plastic” – Vivek Oberoi

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At a recent interview it’s easy to see he has matured. Right off the bat, he states very clearly “I am single.” While he admits to being a flirt, he says that he is “a hopeless romantic at the end of the day.” And is he in search of the perfect woman? Not at all.

Vivek says he wants “an imperfect woman.” Furthermore, he adds, “A perfect woman is too plastic. I want to fall in love with each and every flaw of hers. I may sound too mushy, but these are the little things that matter more to me than just external beauty.” Now that last part about external beauty is probably a point at a certain Ms. Rai – turned Mrs. Bachchan. Of course, he refuses to acknowledge this, but reporters too should let him forget it – it’s hard enough for the chap already.

Now, we all know love and life go hand in hand, but Vivek eloquently links them together when he talks about his own growth, “Growth in life brings growth in love. Each experience is a different learning process and is very individual. Every relationship teaches you how to live better and love more. In fact, when someone asks me what I really want from life, I say, ‘life itself!’ Life is really very beautiful.” It’s so simple yet pure; this reporter takes an immediate liking to his philosophy.

How many actors admit to having lost their passion for the art? Well, I can count them on my fingers, and luckily Mr. Oberoi is one of them. He says, “Somewhere down the line, I lost the purity of thought that made me passionate about acting. But now, I have rediscovered it.” We are all glad for that.

Lastly, his newest role is in the upcoming Shootout at Lokhandwala where he plays the gangster Maya Dolas. From the sound of it, he’s worked very hard, “I did a lot of research for this – I met police officers, people who used to work with Maya, people from other gangs and people he lived with.” We wish the best of luck with his latest venture and hope this is the hit his career has been sorely missing!

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