Aa Dekhen Zara

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It seems that not only do the cast and crew of Aa Dekhen Zara want us to take a zara look see at their latest offering, but expectations for the film are zara high too. 2009 at the movies has started on a zara slump note with only Raaz 2 and Dev D creating some noise at the box office. But beyond those two, audiences have witnessed movie duds which fell with a thud. Aa Dekhen Zara, directed by debutant Jehangir Surti, promises entertainment, thrill and an interesting plot; all ways to help soothe recession woes. Add to that cooking pot, oodles of dashing Neil Nitin Mukesh, dollops of sultry Bipasha Basu and a hint of a magical camera, and boom, you have the making of a successful film…or do you?

Ray Acharya (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a natural photographer whose career is down and out. As luck would have it, he inherits a supernatural camera from his grandfather (Biswajeet) which manages to capture the future in pictures. Greedy for success, Acharya departs on a winning spree as bets on horses, makes the lottery and so forth using the camera as a Magic-8 Ball. During this course, he goes from pauper to prince, manages to woo a DJ Simi (Bipasha Basu), saves her from harms way and win her heart courtesy of the beloved camera. Enter Captain (Rahul Dev) and his gang of hooligans who come to know of Acharya’s camera and feel the need to acquire it for world domination et al. However, the camera, forewarns him of dangers that lurk around him, and he manages to escape death on many occasions. But when the camera surprises Acharya of what may danger may come his way on an international level, is when realization hits the photographer and he recognizes the need to make amends and “save the day.”

Is it worth a dekho? For the most part, or rather the first half, Aa Dekhen Zara is a good watch. It falters in the second half where somehow, amongst the non-stop bullet dodging, national security and romance, the script weakens as does the plot. For a directorial debut, Surti does a fine job with the technicalities and to his credit, the film works because of those mechanics. It promised thrills, which it is has in abundance. A special mention must go to action director Shyam Kaushal for the nine-storey building jump stunt Neil pulled off beautifully. It was one of the highs in the movie. If only the speed and tempo, the film opened with would have ran into the second half, it would have helped the film’s excitement level.

The characters all worked and then didn’t work simultaneously. Neil Nitin Mukesh can be described in one word: HOT. He works as the loser nature photographer who later transforms into a hunky successful man. Kudos to him for working a character that lacks meat and is rather bland. His dance moves are worth a mention too and he shook a leg like the great dancer that he is. If Neil is hot, then Bipasha Basu is ultra steaming hot. Her character as DJ Simi gives her limited scope as an actress but extreme scope as the hot diva which she is. The so-called chemistry between Neil and Bipasha iss lukewarm and not as sizzling as they claimed it to be. Rahul Dev is at his negative best. Although, he could have shed the “shoot at sight” attitude which was rather boring after a while. Sophie Chaudhary needs a new stylist or should learn to wear more clothes; bearing your cleavage will only get you so far. Veteran actor Biswajeet is a delight to see in a cameo. Bobby Vats is satisfactory.

Musically, Aa Dekhen Zara is a treat to the ears and eyes. If you loved the album on your IPod, it looks even better on screen. Gazab is choreographed fabulously as is the title track. Mohabbat Aapse is cute.

The top three reasons to watch Aa Dekhen Zara are: 1) The stunts; 2) The music and 3) Neil’s attempt at being a good-gone-bad-gone- good-again superhero. Simply put, the movie does not create waves and nor is it discussion worthy. However, it is a good one time watch and will keep you entertained, like it promised.

Our Rating

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