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I am a fan of Priyadarshan movies and trust him to keep my cinematic experience enriching. He excels at comedy (Malamaal Weekly, Hera Pheri) and equally so at serious drama (Virasat, Kanchivaram). However, his hattrick of disastrous flicks courtesy his last three movies – Billu, De Dana Dan, Khatta Meetha, left me with serious doubts when I picked up tickets for his next venture ‘Aakrosh‘. Another concern while I made my way to the screening was hopefully, unlike his last venture (Khatta Meetha) he had not attempted to mix comedy and drama this time. Nonetheless, since ‘Honour Killings’ is a topic I have deep interest in, I promised to be optimistic and not let his last few attempts cloud my judgement. So does the movie work? Read further.

First things first – Many cautioned me that the movie is a copy (conceptually and some scenes/dialogues) of Mississipi Burning (1988) starring Gene Hackman-Willem Dafoe. Since I haven’t seen the Hollywood version, I wouldn’t be able to draw any parallels. Which further means, all those who have seen Mississipi Burning, might have other opinions or I might have felt differently about Aakrosh had I watched the English version. But for now, we will leave the ifs and buts’ aside and my review is for Aakrosh in isolation.

Three boys from a Delhi medical college, on their way to their village in Central India disappear mysteriously. After months pass away with no trace of their whereabouts, government appoints ex-army officer Pratap (Ajay Devgn) and CBI officer Siddhant (Akshaye Khanna) as the in-charge of the case. When the two suits clad men arrive, they are faced with the clich

Our Rating

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