Aamir Khan launches two websites

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Aamir Khan is truly embracing the Internet as a way to interact with fans and a way to showcase his new film. With his blog on lagaandvd.com, he has all ready experienced communicating with his fans and he has actually answered questions and commented on many of the posts on his blog. It has been a great success and all of his blog posts have been wonderful reads.

Well now he is taking this to the next level and is launching not one but two sites. On October 10th, he launched his official site aamirkhan.com and then on October 11th the official site for his movie, Taare Zameen Par launched as well.

Because Aamir is working hard on the film his official site is still a work in progress with only two sections. On the welcome page it says, “Hello and welcome to my site. Finally I have got down to launching it and it’s probably a result of my blogging experience over the past few months. Curently [sic] the site has just two features. One is my blog and the other is a chat. As we go along I plan to add stuff, but since I am in my last leg of the post production of TZP don’t hold your breath. Design wise too I’ve kept it very basic and it will change as we go along… hopefully. Go on then, step in. Cheers! Aamir”

The blog section will be a continuation of his previous blog just moved to a new home. Amazingly the chat area will be where fans will be able to, well chat, with Aamir and with each other. The night of the launch he paid a visit to the chat area and he also plans to join in on other chats. Details of when will be given on his blog.

The second site is the official site for his directorial debut, Taare Zameen Par, www.taarezameenpar.com. As a treat for his fans he put a “curtain riser” preview of the movie on the site the day before the teaser is shown in theaters. The song to the preview is so sweet, but it truly is a teaser because not much is given away.

With these two exciting web sites it seems Aamir, who once was considered not very open to the public, is certainly trying to open up to his fans. We look forward to Taare Zameen Par when it releases on December 21st and hope to be online and chatting with the actor one day soon!

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