Aamir Khan on Cloud 9!!!

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Aamir Khan is ecstatic about the response to his film Taare Zameen Par and has posted a heartfelt message on his blog.

He wrote, “You know when a director is thinking about his film before the release he often goes through amazing highs and major lows. One sec we feel that the film is not going to connect with people, another we day dream that it will get into the blood stream of the audience like no film before. The response that I have got for my very first film is like a dream response. I couldn’t have imagined a better response and all my day dreams have come true. Gladly all my pinching is in vain and I am still awake.

I am so moved by the response I am unable to express myself properly. I feel at a loss for words.

Thank you.”

He went on to say that he has read the comments from fans over and over again and even 20 years from now he will be reading them again. “And 20 years later I will still go through these very pages and warmth will fill my heart. So well you all have expressed yourselves. And such generosity and support. I am touched. I feel blessed.”

Aamir also addressed the fears about the film opening with lower numbers than many fans had hoped for. “Some of you have expressed a fear of the opening not being good enough. Please relax. The opening is much higher that I expected. Let me quickly put your fears and anxieties to rest by sharing with you a text that I received today from the distribution team of PVR:
– Good evening Khan Saab, film is headed to be the BIGGEST GROSSERS of the year. –

Even in smaller centres where I would expect a film of this nature to open weak it has opened to double my expectations and the collections have been only rising with EACH show.”

Aamir said that he is a bit more conservative and does not feel comfortable confirming the distribution team of PVR’s claim that it will be the Biggest Grosser of the Year. He hopes so but reserves judgment until after the numbers come in from the second or third week.

The film is getting such an amazing response that: “It is getting a standing ovation!!! Something that only happened if I remember correctly during LAGAAN!!! Everyone is loving it. Parents, children, youth, teenagers, grandparents, everyone. People from different ecomonic and social backgrounds, industry collegues, everyone. The best response one of my team got is from the gatekeeper from one of the theatres. He said – “I really need to see the film. What is there in it that everyone is loving it so much”.

He also wrote that 2 things he was concerned about was whether kids and teenagers would like the film and also if it is a film that people would want to see more than once. But he need not have been concerned because , “The youth are loving it, and repeat viewings began on day one itself! Like in my day dream people are wanting to see the film again and again.” (On a side note: Reading the reviews of members here at Bollyspice, most of whom are young adults, they are definitely LOVING the film, most giving it 5/5!)

In closing he wrote, “For now I just want to thank all of you for such a heart warming reaction. And keep it going it, it feels like I am breathing pure oxygen.

Darsheel in the meantime, who has been reading your posts with me, is smiling as big as the final painting. He sends you his love, a warm hug and a very toothy grin.”

Judging from the responses from critics, fans and audiences a like this film certainly looks to be one of the best films of the year!

Be sure to check out Taare Zameen Par!

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