Aamir promotes ‘Zindagi Se Dosti’ Suicide Prevention campaign

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Trust Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan to do just the right things; be associated with the right projects and endorse just the right brands or causes. In an age, where celebrities are signing brands left, right and centre, charging exorbitant amounts for them, Aamir is one of the very few who stand by the virtue of endorsing brands that he deems honest and believes in. After his successful association with ‘Incredible India’ for promoting tourism in the country, Aamir is back with holding yet another great cause up his sleeve or rather in his heart.

It is a known fact that over the past few years, competition, parental pressures, education system demands has caused child suicide take a massive jump in stats. Although there are help lines to guide and prevent such incidents, lack of support within the family and a conservative approach by the society towards academic failures, usually pushes the students to take this drastic step, more so when exams or results are round the corner. To help such students, leading publication The Times of India in partnership with the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, the Vandrevala Foundation and the Bombay Psychiatric Society has launched an initiative ‘Zindagi Se Dosti’ which provides, advise, for students who are depressed and need someone to talk to.

Considering Aamir’s popularity among the youth and his idol image, he is the apt face for this campaign and posters of him promoting the same have been put up on several forums. This isn’t the first time Aamir has been involved with such a cause, for last year he was the brand ambassador for workshop ‘Life is beautiful’ which dealt with the same issues.

The poster reads, “Exam results time is here, and this is the time that there is a spike in the number of suicides in the student community. I want all of you to help push this Suicide Prevention campaign that I am a part of. The helpline no for Mumbai is 18602662345, and for the rest of India is +912225706000. The campaign is called ZINDAGI SE DOSTI”.

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