Aamir to go bald

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Aamir Khan is known for being a perfectionist, which means he will do anything it takes to become his character. That is why he has decided to go bald for the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Ghajini. This is not the first time Aamir has decided to change his appearance to get into the skin of the character. Just recently, he grew out his hair and moustache for the film Mangal Pandey.

The bald look is required for only the second half of the film. Aamir was asked to wear a wig, but he decided to go ahead with shaving his head since he wants everything to be real and perfect. It is said that his Dil Chahta Hai hair stylist, Avaan Contractor, will be the one to give him the haircut. Once again, Aamir goes to show us how much he is willing to sacrifice just to get every detail in his films right. We hope he is able to make the bald look something cool.

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