Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate a big hit!

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The minute Aamir Khan’s much ambitious TV debut Satyamev Jayate premiered last Sunday morning, social networking sites went into frenzy with everyone tuned into providing their ten cents of comments on the show. Even as Aamir took to the small screen with his unabashed truth telling on the sensitive topic of female infanticide (saving the girl child), supported by testimonial confessions of mothers who went on the show to tell the world their side on the story, the virtual world of social networking was rife with agreements, disagreements, feedbacks, criticisms alike. Whether the show revolutionizes and brings about the much-needed legal enforcements to curb these wrong-doings is yet to be determined, but meanwhile good review or bad, Aamir managed to stir up the nation on a lazy Sunday morning and grab their attention.

If reports are to be believed, approximately 100,000 people worldwide dialed into the shows dedicated numbers to speak to Aamir and express their views on the subject.

To a caller who expressed concern on the show’s effect dying out like the Anna Hazare movement, Aamir responded, “Anna’s movement could only be successful towards corruption if every individual has to ask oneself if he or she is associated with corruption or not. Only we are the one who can bring the change. As you have already said that once you were a notorious guy and you changed yourself. So if we change ourselves, only then our society can feel the change,”

On another callers question about the motives behind Satyamev Jayate, Aamir replied: “This is an effort from our end to show the crucial issues of our society and our country. We have worked for two years to gather the complete information about the same. We will come every Sunday to tell you about one issue every week.”

While only a handful managed to get thru the lines and connect with the host, the affable host ensured he had quality conversations with as many as he could, while reiterating that he was just a means to get the words across, the true change remains in the hands of every individual.

The channel has collaborated with Airtel, which has reduced the cost of every SMS directed to the show from Rs3 to Re1.

The revenue collected through each SMS will be donated to a charity.

The show is aired in eight different languages on a total of nine channels, including eight STAR TV network channels and is simulcast on national broadcaster DD1.


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