Aao Wish Karein

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“If you believe in fairy tales…you’ve become a part of it” declares King Khan in this Friday’s release, Aao Wish Karein, a film that truly belongs to the fairy tale genre. Actor now turned producer Aftab Shivdasani decided to inaugurate his production house with the sweetest genre possible and aimed to capture the hearts of all those in search of an adventurous fairy tale. Was this a wise choice of script and does it indeed quench the thirst of all those fairy tale lovers? Read on to find out!

To begin with it’s perhaps wise to disclose that Aao Wish Karein does have resemblances of Tom Hank’s Big. However, the film makers have ensured that the film is not a direct replica and instead have given it an interesting and refreshing spin that even the viewers of the original will surely enjoy and find rather entertaining. The makers ought to be commended more than anything on their execution of the film. It’s quite obvious that they’d made the decision to deliver an out and out fairy tale to be enjoyed by the whole family and they did not let this goal disappear from their vision in the process of bringing this story to life.

Like many fairy tales this one too is about a good-hearted young boy who more than anything in the world wants to be loved. However, 12-year-old Mickey in particular wants the adoration of one pretty lady who to him is nothing short of an angel, Mitika (Aamna Sharif). Naturally the age gap between the two is rather obvious and so Mitika is way out of Mickey’s reach, both figuratively and literally. On one very cursed day Mikey’s luck is simply not on his side, not only is he reminded once again how far out of his reach Mitika is, young Mickey also discovers that he’s an adopted child. Sulking Mickey had lost all hope when Hitchcock(Johnny Lever), who has the tendency of igniting events with his mere words, comes and offers Mickey some valuable words of advice. Taking up Hitchcock’s advice Mickey makes a wish at the nearby wishing well, a wish that he would grow up and no longer be a child. Little did Mickey know that this wish would be granted overnight! When Mickey wakes up the next day to find out that he’s no longer a 12 year old (now Aftab Shivdasani) he finally realizes he can finally bring alive his ultimate dream to finally propose to Mitika! However, like Hitchcock always says “kuch pane ke liye kuch khona padta hai” (to gain is to also lose), the wish also has the side effects. There is no longer a doting mom in Mickey’s life, the happy love story that is now blossoming between him and Mitika is potentially doomed since it is a lie, and fooling the rest of the world that he’s an adult may prove to be harder than imagined. How Mickey survives all these side effects and what actually is the end to his fairy tale is what you’ll have to wait and see!

To set life to this endearing storyline the perfect casting was the key to success and that the makers certainly achieved! Aftab Shivdasani is adorable as the innocent Mickey. He captures the innocence, the unconditional love and the fear that a child has in him all too perfectly. The actor is to be credited for some very memorable scenes, some that make you cry (when grown up Mickey visits his family) and some that make you laugh (too many scenes to recount!). It is hard to believe that a couple of Friday’s ago this very actor came in the avatar of an action star (Acid Factory) and today steals our heart as a charming 12 year old in an adult’s body. Kudos to the versatile actor! Aamna Sharif is a bit life-less in front of such a vibrant performer like Aftab, however in her defense the main task of hers as Mitika was to look as stunning as possible to make you believe that this is indeed a fairytale and that she did. The newcomer is yet to make a mark and for her sake let’s hope the film and role comes her way very soon! However, more than Aamna, scope is given to the child artists so it’s rather important to review on how they fared, after all performers like Darsheel and Tanmay have indeed set the bar high. Whilst lil-Aftab(name unlisted) is not as impressive as one would have hoped, his best friend Bonny (has a much larger scope in the storyline) you instantly take a special liking to. The special moments between the grown up Mickey and Bonny are scenes of great chemistry and between Aftab and the child artist and light up the screen!

Music by Ankur Tiwari, Xufi, Mickey Mccleary is simply sensational and couldn’t have been more perfect for the genre. The picturisations does seem to give you a journey down memory lane of Disney musicals with the elegant ballroom gowns of Aamna, the charming and dashing looks of Aftab and the out of this world scenic locales. Choreography in all is subtle and cute, just like the film. Tracks are very well utilized to enhance the script and emotions, as they are meant to be in musicals, however the timing of some are a bit questionable because a couple are very closely placed in the script.

However, more than the performances, the song and dance, and the fresh take on its Hollywood counterpart the inherent quality of Aao Wish Karein that really shines is its sincerity. It is a genuine effort by the makers to deliver an entertaining film for the whole family and this reflects in its well thought out script and its even more sincere performances. Indeed it’s a movie straight from the heart with no ulterior motives of big returns in the business arena or Oscar nomination dreams.

Like all films there are flaws in Aao Wish Karein too. Such as those in the stars’ performances as highlighted above, close timing of songs, dialogues in certain scenes, not a completely original storyline and perhaps a screenplay that could have been a tad shorter, since children do not have the patience of adults. However perhaps to the average cinegoer these errors may not be so obvious because the overall picture is rather enjoyable.

At the end of the day you get your money’s worth with Aao Wish Karein! If you’re a fairy tale lover and were disappointed by Aladin earlier this year then maybe you’d consider taking a moment from your busy schedules and treating you family to an evening of laughter, tears and loads of fun and become a part of this year’s ultimate fairytale!

Our Rating

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