Abhay and Aaliya are Break Ke Baad!

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One more day and you can see Break Ke Baad, starring Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone! In case you don’t know Break Ke Baad, is about what happens after a break but it is a love story. In fact Imran told us, “At its heart the film is a love story and it’s celebrating the idea of being in love, the concept of love, the concept of being in a relationship with someone. I think people in a relationship should walk out treasuring their relationship even more and saying I’m glad I’m in this. People who are single, will walk out saying I want to find someone like this. Girls will say I want a guy to love me the way this guy loves her. Guys will say I want to find a girl who I can love like this. That’s what I took away from it.”

Check out this cute new teaser for the film directed by Danish Aslam and produced by Kunal Kohli. Then run and check out our interviews with Imran, Deepika, Danish and Kunal. Yes, we have the whole Break Ke Baad crew!

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