Accidents and Axing on Agneepath

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While the news of the remake was enough to get tabloids running a muck, Karan Johar announcing he would produce while his assistant Karan Malhotra wields the megaphone for the Agneepath remake is like sugar to a sweet tooth in the case of B-town reporters. The latest to come out of the inside info round up of the film is the lead Hrithik Roshan getting injured on set.

The scene had Hrithik breaking a coconut but amongst the retakes the Guzaarish actor got cut on his fingers stopping shoot for the day. But while most were worried including KJo, Karan couldn’t help but smile while making sure Hrithik got the necessary first aid. Why? There’s belief that if an actor bleeds on set, the film will become a superhit. Some may not know but this isn’t the only belief Mr Johar possesses. During the course of filming on Kal Ho Na Ho, his leading lady Preity Zinta had a fall the whole unit rejoiced over as this happened with Kajol as well when she was on set and all films worked in a big way.

Yet not is all as per tradition on the sets of Agneepath remake. One thing viewers will not be seeing is Mithun Chakraborthy’s famous role of coconut seller Krishnan Iyer MA. It seems the character has been axed in the rewrite. Quiz the Disco Dancer and he says “It’s a modern-day story from what I know. Maybe Krishnan Iyer MA wasn’t needed here to take things forward. Nevertheless, going by the intrigue around the film, I’m keen to see what it looks like. Since it’s a completely different story, they didn’t approach me for a part either. But that’s fine”, when speaking to Hindustan Times.

We will keep you up to date on all the buzz, the news and whatever else we can find about the remake of Agneepath so stay tuned for more!

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