No advance or special screenings for Dhoom 3 – YRF

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It is usually customary for the industry to hold special screenings or previews for friends, family, peers and the media in advance of the Friday release. This tactic ensures that with the advent of social networking, the movie creates buzz among the audience.
The makers of the blockbuster multi-franchise Dhoom 3 have decided to keep no preview or a special screening of the movie as they feel it will give out the curiosity of the movie. To maintain integrity of the movie, the production house has decided that the movie will not be shown to anyone.
The makers want the content to be in high security and maintain the mystery around the movie. This is also the reason why despite rave reviews, only 30 sec teasers are out not the entire song or clips.The spokesperson of the film confirms, “No previews are been organised at all.”

Meanwhile, the production house is ensuring that Dhoom 3 is giving every twist to marketing and their campaign is getting bigger as the release date nears. Never before a movie has come out with such huge spread of a hoarding.


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