Aishwarya – Lighting up your Life

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has confirmed that she will take part in the Live Earth concert planned for the Andheri Sports Complex on December 7th in India. The show will be headlined by Amitabh and will also star Jon Bon Jovi and Shekhar Kapur. Abhishek is also expected to be there.

Live Earth was the inspiration of former US Presidential candidate Al Gore and promoter Kevin Wall. The proceeds will go to RK Pachauri’s Light a Billion Lives project to put solar-powered lanterns in people’s homes. Speaking from the US, Al Gore recognised that the US was the world’s biggest polluter producing 25% of the world’s carbon gases but respectfully cautioned India about it’s own energy policy in its race for growth. “It is undesirable for a country to promote and subsidise dirty fuels like kerosene, paraffin and coal when it could use cheaper and better alternatives like electricity,” he said. “India is clearly emerging as a world leader in many ways, and it could show the path to other countries by converting to healthier energy resources.”

Speaking of the Light a Billion Lives project, nobel laureate RK Pachauri said, “India has not caused these problems. The poor countries of the world have not caused these problems. This is essentially a by-product of the industrialised world for the last 150 years. India will show the way… by working and joining hands with the poorest in the world.”

Aishwarya is currently in Peru filming for Enthiram. She will then return to appear in the Raavan, a retelling of the Ramayana, where she will play the role of a classical singer. “Aishwarya will be learning classical singing for this role,” an insider said, “Ideally, she’d like to sing all her songs in Raavan, herself. She’s a very good singer in real life. Aishwarya intends to take lessons in how to look convincing as a classical singer.”

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