Ajay Devgan as Bono?

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One of the films that is on many fans must see list is London Dreams with Ajay Devgn, (he has dropped the a in his last name) Salman Khan and Asin. The film, which is touted to be an out and out rock musical, directed by Vipul Shah follows the story of two men trying to make it as rock stars.

Shah told TOI that in the film Salman plays more of an “improvisational musician whereas Devgan plays a more professional rock musician.”

He went on to say that this is an avatar we have never seen Ajay attempt before, “So far we’ve only seen him in a sedate or comic image, never as someone who can cross the frontiers and do something outrageous”

In fact, Ajay’s character is based on Bono from U2, “I’ve modeled Ajay’s rock act on Bono, the Irish lead singer from U2. Bono was never your quintessential rock star. He had a more sober and a less wild image. When Ajay gets on stage in London Dreams he replicates the curbed tempered-down rock-star’s image of U2.”

Adding that it all the stage performances that he has shot for the movie, “Ajay looks like a rock star in the truest sense of the word.”

The film’s tag line, “When you dreams come true for your best friend” and the trailer using words like sacrifice, friendship and love we certainly are intrigued to know more about what the flick is all about! You and we can find out soon because the film is scheduled for release on October 30th!

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