Akon – The Playback Singer

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Senegalese-American R&B singer Akon, currently topping the charts in the UK with probably the best World Cup song ever – Oh Africa – which features the Soweto Gospel Choir and amazing Nigerian singer Folakemi ‘Myst’ Kaleyaiye, will be performing a track in Hindi for Shahrukh Khan’s RA.One. “India is my next focus area,” he says, “I want to try different things, want to explore, want to enjoy my work. We have the same kind of entertainment, the only difference is of tradition and language.”

SRK appears to have soon become great friends with the enigmatic rap star philanthropist who once claimed to have three wives and six children. “He is a gracious person,” SRK confirms, “He will record a song in Hindi and will also feature in the video. He has flown with his family, friends and team of musicians to Mumbai in India.”

Speaking of King Khan, SRK’s My Name is Khan has now been confirmed as the biggest Bollywood movie ever in the UK, taking more than $1m at the box office. SRK recently appeared on TV’s Jonathon Ross show joking that he had autographed photos of his skeleton after passing through the full body scanner at Heathrow.

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