Akshay Kumar and Strong Women

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Don’t believe a man well-known for his onscreen daredevil stunts could think a woman is his equal? Think again, because Akshay Kumar – soon to be seen onscreen again in October’s Blue – is a big believer in the strength of the so-called “weaker” sex. In a recent interview with Indo Asian News Service, Akshay maintained, “I believe women to be way stronger than men.”

To bear up his point, the actor mentioned his experience hosting Fear Factor – Khatron Ke Khiladi. The former male contestants might squirm – or preen, if they’re female – to hear Akshay’s recollection of their performances. “You should watch how many times men get rescued by their female partners on this sho… The fact is it was women who got them there in the end,” he said of the teams.

When asked for his thoughts regarding women in stunt work, Akshay replied, “I genuinely think if we had proper schools for stunt training and facilities where men and women could train, not only would our heroines be as tough as us heroes but our country would be healthier and more experienced.” Hmmm… Akshay’s next business venture perhaps?

The box-office hero went on to praise his wife of eight years, Twinkle Khanna. “I fell for her strength as an independent woman. She kicked butt at school and she could do it now if she wanted,” he told IANS. Akshay Kumar – feminist number one!

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