Akshay Kumar shoots for Desi Boyz in the UK!

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Akshay Kumar is in the United Kingdom to shoot for Rohit Dhawan’s Desi Boyz . Along with Akshay the film also has John Abraham, Deepika Padukone and Anupam Kher in leading roles.

The 43-year-old superstar was reportedly to shoot sections of the film in London, but started the shoot at University of Oxford, England. A source informed us, that the filming will continue at the prestigious education institute till the 26th of March and will then be relocated to London.
The first day of shooting in the UK was on Monday, the 14th of March. The Physics lecture theatres, Sciama and Lindemann at Trinity College, University of Oxford were filled with hundreds of extras, involved in the shoot for the first two days.

One of the students there was Andrew Steele (@statto) and he commented on the filming: “Triple-parked vans chock-full of scaffolding tubes and cables were blocked in by posh rides with besotted execs leaning on them, nattering in Hindi and smoking cigars. The front door was propped open for a snake of cables, leading upstairs to the Lindemann lecture theatre. (sic)”

Akshay Kumar was the only leading actor in attendance and also shot scenes yesterday on campus. He twice arrived in a car with a personalized number plate and blacked out windows. He shot his scene and left. It took him only five minutes to complete the shooting of the gate sequence.

Another source described the shooting in detail: “They were sweeping the pavement in front of Balliol College. The college door was shut and a man (stand-in) with a backpack was standing in front [of it]. The man seemed to have a pair of roller-skates in his backpack. He pushed both doors open dramatically. The real star (Akshay Kumar) took over with the backpack and a suitcase, repeated the scene and left.”

The scenes reveal that Akshay is playing a University student in Dhawan’s directorial debut. We will try our best to bring you more updates on the shoot, so stay tuned.

We have some snaps from the shoot as well!

Photo credit: http://andrewsteele.co.uk/blog/2011/03/14/

Photo credit: VISIT O

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