Akshay Kumar Studying Hydrotherapy

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Akshay Kumar is currently in Hamburg, Germany, to undertake a course in hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy is the general name for water therapy for treating pain and injury, and can involve the use of water properties such as temperature or jet pressure, minerals, underwater massage, and partial or total body submersion.

According to reports the actor has some prior knowledge of hydrotherapy but wants to consolidate it by taking a formal 2-day course in Hamburg, home of some of the world’s most renowned spas. Akshay’s wife Twinkle is accompanying him on the course which will involve spending 2 hours a day in the water, learning various exercises that will benefit the entire body, but particularly the spine and joints.

Akshay, no stranger to the rigorous physical demands of stunts and martial arts training, confirmed before leaving for Hamburg this week that: “Hydrotherapy is amazing treatment for many injuries and especially the back and spine. You are put in an environment where the body is weightless and impact-free so you can rehabilitate your muscles without further stress or injury to the specific joint or muscle. The biggest sporting personalities go through rehab this way. I am intending to come back from Germany with a bigger bounce in my step than usual.”

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