Aladin in 140 Characters and Spaces

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Those wondering what the new Riteish Deshmukh starrer Aladin is all about might have a pretty good idea from the trailer. However, if you didn’t get enough of the storyline from the traditional source, Sujoy Ghosh has your hook-up on Twitter, no less. The Boundscript writer-director divulged details of the upcoming release’s plot on his account (@sujoy_g) on October 11, and Riteish (@Riteishd) quickly re-tweeted each 140-character tidbit. Apparently the movie-related tweetfest was in response to rumors of copying the Disney cartoon, which Sujoy rubbished: “People keep asking me but I swear ALADIN is NOT the Disney one. 2 totally separate. And the Disney one is so kickass. Why copy & spoil it!”

Yes, there are spoilers in the Twitter synopsis, but Sujoy dismisses any concerns about foreknowledge of plot twists, tweeting: “Going to see a film like ALADIN should b like a rollercoaster ride. U know exactly what u getting in for but still you’ll buy the ticket:)” Below, an exact copy of his tweets:

“ALADIN1 : this is a story of a boy whose name happens 2b Aladin. He gets bullied in school & made to rub lamps. Grows up HATING lamps TBC.”

“ALADIN2: 1day Jasmine arrives & Aloo falls in love. But he is too shy b4 he knows it Jasmine is whisked away by Kasim. Aloo accepts his fate”

“ALADIN3 just to bully him Kasim makes Aloo rub a lamp in front of Jasmine. But this time a stranger appears who totally freaks out Aloo.”

“ALADIN4 the strange dude is in a hurry & claims 2b GENIUS the genie of the lamp. Aloo is like WHOA dude that’s a story no can happen 4 real”

“ALADIN5 Genius tells Aloo to shut up & just take his 3 wishes post which he intends to vamoose. Aloo is confused. Genius decides to help.”

“ALADIN6 Genius cons Aloo into wasting his 1st 2 wishes but for the 3rd wish Aloo has Genius stumped. Aloo wants to win the heart of Jasmine”

“ALADIN7 but Genius is not allowed to use magic. G has no clue how to. Each attempt is a disaster. How G helps Aloo to win Jasmine is ALADIN”

“ALADIN8 oh and RINGMASTER is an ex genie who needs the lamp to become a genie again. So he’s going to wreck havoc and kill Aladin.”

“ALADIN9 RM doesn’t care about Genius bcos he has a piece of the lamp which is like kryptonite for Genius. So RM is pretty set in his goal”

“ALADIN10 that is a nutshell was ALADIN. I hope I haven’t copied the Disney one 🙂 let me know if any questions.”

Certainly those ten tweets should put any plagiarism rumors to rest, as well as whet our appetites further for Aladin’s release! We only have a little while longer to wait; the film hits theaters 30 October.

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