Alia and her friends: The Spice Girls Gang of Bollywood!

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The West has The Spice Girls, but it seems that so does our own Bollywood! This is the nickname earned by the Bolly girl gang comprising Alia Bhatt, Masaba Gupta, Anushka Ranjan, and her younger sister Akansha Ranjan. A source close to the talented bunch of girls shares that the four are childhood buddies and are yet so different from each other that they earned this moniker. So, while Masaba is an established designer and Alia a successful star, Anushka is gearing up for her film debut Wedding Pullav.

The source says, “Alia, Anushka and Masaba are really close to each other and we call them the Spice Girls, because they are such a riot whenever they get together.” In fact, now that Masaba is engaged to be married, both Alia and Anushka get teased about being the next. “This brings out the Scary Spice bit in both of them,” laughs the source.

Check out the gang! Anushka Ranjan_4

Anushka Ranjan_2

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