Anil Kapoor’s Contract Extended

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Anil Kapoor’s presence in the eighth series of the hit American series 24 has been extended from 10 to 16 episodes in the new series which begins broadcasting this month. “Initially I was under contract for just ten episodes,” he confirms, “Then seeing the way my role developed, they decided to have me in 16 episodes.” After Slumdog Millionaire, Anil will soon probably be the most recognised face of Bollywood in the US.

Anil recognises that Slumdog has moved his career onto an entirely different plane, but he is determined that he will not accept roles that stereotype him. “”If I see 2009 as the best year of my life, it’s partly because of Slumdog,” he says, “But I am very clear that I won’t play Indian characters in international projects unless they’re really special. I’ve told my agent to seek out parts that are not culture-specific, but have character.”

Anil has recently been praising his wife Sunita for keeping him grounded over the years. “Sunita has been the one who has kept me grounded,” he states, “She always told me to keep my filmi nature far away from real life. Sometimes she even ticked me off for constantly looking at myself in the mirror!” But the last laugh appears to be on Sunita with not just Anil but all three of her children also working in the movie industry in one capacity or another!

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