Aparna Sen to Heat Up Bengali Fire with Abhishek!

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The Bengalis are hitting screens yet again with Aparna Sen at the helm for her first Hindi venture, titled Gulel. She has roped in Abhishek Bachchan for the movie. The well-known director, whose latest Bengali movie, The Japanese Wife, is set to release, commented, “I know Abhishek wants to do the role. He has said yes.”

She goes on to recount how the well-loved actor had even provided dates to Naeem, the late Ismail Merchant’s nephew. However, his tragic death caused the project to unravel. Now, however, Aparna Sen is all set to start directing.

On his side of events, Abhishek admits that he has a weak spot for Bengal and Bengalis. He says, “Yes, there were lots of Bengalis including my mom, the director and Rani, who’s a good friend, on the sets [of Laaga Chunari Mein Daag]. I do love working with Bengalis. I’ve worked in two Bengali films with Ritu-da (Rituparno Ghosh) in Antar Mahal and in a film called Desh directed by Raja Sen where I played my own mom’s son. It would be delightful to work with Aparna Sen.”

It would be delightful to see him in this already promising movie!

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