Arshad and Shilpa spice up Zara Nach Ke Dhika

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Although his first home production may have been a “ghostly” presence at the box office, Arshad Warsi is not one to take life’s challenges sitting down. Instead of taking time off to mope, the man with the golden feet is putting his skills to use on Star One’s Zara Nach Ke Dikha as a judge. Despite having to jet between Goa, where he is shooting Golmaal 3 with Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, and Kunal Khemu, and Mumbai, Arshad found the time to heat up the dance floor with ZNKD co-host Shilpa Shetty in a spicy, salsa dance to promote the reality show.

Arshad has been offered other shows in the past but instead of doing something silly or undignified, he decided to hold out for the right offer. As he told The Hindustan Times, “I’ve been offered just about every show on TV. This one I think was probably because I was a dancer once and can give an opinion on moves…I just have to be at the studio once a week, I can come from wherever I am.” Even if it’s all the way from Goa! He continued, “With movies there can be no compromises, that’s my profession. If I like a script, I’ll do the film for free. I have to make money from other avenues. Ads and TV are the best way to do this. I hardly do ads because the public perception of me doesn’t match my real personality. But an occasional TV show works for me.”

And compromise is a word missing from this intense actor’s vocabulary. For his next home production, the action-comedy Akkad, Arshad will be directing as well as collaborating on the script and acting the lead.

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