Asin Has Her Dreams Shattered

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Bright Southern star Asin is said to be unhappy about the first promo for London Dreams, her first movie after the record-breaking Ghajini. The promo focuses entirely on male stars Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan and Asin appears only briefly. She has approached director Vipul Shah about the problem. “Let me say clearly that Asin is a very important part of my film,” he replies, “I am aware that this is Asin’s first release after Ghajini and the expectations are huge. Let me assure everybody, especially fans of Asin, that they won’t be disappointed.”

Vipul had better take care for Asin’s fans are an incredibly dedicated lot. They have built temples in her name, stand waiting outside her home for hours, send her letters written in blood and have even followed her to Singapore. She even recently received a proposal of marriage from one of them, accompanied by a huge solitaire diamond. Naturally she refused it and returned the ring with a kind letter. “It’s extremely flattering to get such attention and Asin is overwhelmed and at the same time embarrassed by it all,” said a friend.

Not everyone is clearly a fan, however. Asin has also been targeted by Internet raiders who have captured her website even changing her own access code for her email. Furious, Asin has reported the matter to Mumbai’s new cyber-crime unit and has meanwhile advised her fans not to try and contact her by email. In addition, fake ‘Asin’s have appeared on Facebook and Twitter, neither of which Asin belongs to. “I was ready to overlook these fake IDs using my name as long as they weren’t harmful,” she explains, “But now the problem is getting out of hand. The other night a colleague had a whole long conversation with ‘Asin’ and called me up the next day to share her excitement about the intimate conversation we had. I nearly fell off my chair. She said we had shared our most intimate secrets on Facebook – but it certainly wasn’t with me.”

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