Asin Quietly Works for Good

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Now firmly entrenched in the A-list category, Asin has not forgotten her social duties and can be regularly seen helping out at the NGOs that she patronises in Chennai and Kerala. “Whenever she finds some time, Asin secretly visits these NGOs and loves being actively involved with all the charity work that they do,” confirms a source, “She personally looks after the disabled and the needy in these NGOs. However, unlike other stars she prefers to remain mum about it and not make it a self publicity exercise. She has been doing this for years now and has been a regular visitor to various institutions in Chennai and Kerala.”

Asin’s philanthropic work helps to explain why she was recently awarded the Kalaimami Award by the Tamil Nadu government, the state’s highest civilian award. The Ghajini actress was disappointed recently to learn that the Kamal Hassan movie, The 19th Step, in which she stars alongside Mongol’s Tadanobu Asano, has been stalled but is still looking forward to the release of London Dreams with Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan.

Always game for new experiences, Asin is rumoured to have wanted to try bungee-jumping whilst in Macao for IIFA Awards, but had to decline due to a foot injury. “When Asin, who was in Macau recently for an award function, got to know about bungee jumping, she immediately showed an interest in doing it,” explained a source.

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