Asin’s Bag of Trophies Gets Bigger

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Asin currently has three Filmfare Awards, two from the South and one from the North, as well as the prestigious Kalaimamani government awards, and she has now picked up the Lux-Sabse Tez Sitara Award for Most Promising Star. “Asin has big brands behind her name,” says a source, “She made her debut with Aamir Khan in Bollywood and her next film saw her with Salman Khan. She is a classic beauty and has a long way to go in the industry. The Sabse Tez Sitara Award is well deserved.”

Asin saw the other face of stardom recently when she had to be rescued from an event by Shahrukh Khan. The organisers for the event had arranged for their stars to gather in a cubicle before moving onstage, but Asin and her agent got cut-off moving towards the area. She suddenly found herself surrounded by about 300 people forming a circle, closing in and all wanting to touch her. She screamed for help and SRK sent in his bodyguards. “He immediately ordered his bodyguards to cut through the crowd and reach Asin,” said a friend, “Before the crowd realised what was happening, Shah Rukh with his six bodyguards reached Asin. SRK grabbed her hand with his right hand and with his left, he caught hold of Asin’s agent and dragged them beyond the crowd.”

Asin, who has been struggling with sinus problems recently, has been taking a short break whilst she weighs up the best approach to the next stage of her career. Disappointed with the outcome of London Dreams, she is looking more cautiously at any new Bollywood projects. Meanwhile, she is in the south concentrating on a new film with Vijay and meeting up with old friends.

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