Asin’s Biker Chick Look in London Dreams

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Director Vipul Shah is very proud of Asin’s new look in his movie London Dreams. “In Ghajini, everyone saw Asin’s acting capabilities,” he says, “In my film everyone will see her dancing skills, not only classical but also western. Madhuri had the ‘girl next door’ quality, so do Rani and Priyanka, but they all are capable of looking sensuous and sexy. Asin also has an added advantage of her freshness.”

Asin, who recently underwent surgery for sinus problems, has revealed how much fun it was working with Ajay Devgan on the set of the movie. “Everyone knows that Salman is very chilled out but for Ajay, I thought he is a very serious and reserved person,” she explains, “But he is a complete surprise package. He is a complete entertainment channel on the sets.”

Asin has also talked about the loyalty of her fans. “Most of the letters I receive are love letters,” she says, “I received a notebook comprised of two hundred pages in which a fan had described my beauty. I also receive emails from overseas.”

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