Avant Garde Pythagoras Sharma Trailer

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Nakuul Mehta is a happy man. His debut Haal-E-Dil might have bombed at the box-office, but the light-eyed boy has moved past that faux pas and landed himself a meaty role that many actors would kill for.

Avant Garde Pythagoras Sharma is about a boy named Pythagoras whose father, a mathematics professor, wants him to be an IT professional. Pythagoras major problem is adopting to set ways and principles. Whether it is about the job, religion or even God! He has his own views and opposes the obvious. He is persistently struggling between the ways of real life and the way he wants to be. Inside him is an ambitious filmmaker waiting to get out and conflict the path set for him by his father.

Directed by Ajay Singh, AGPS is a short film about challenging the middle class mindsets of people who have a narrow approach to Film making as a career option.

The film is not your conventional Bollywood masala entertainer. It would be tough to get a good coverage and if it does, it might not get a positive response with the Indian audience who prefers light comedies and mushy romances. Then how will this boost Nakuul’s career? “I don’t look at cinema as commercial or non-commercial. The film will be getting exposure to the huge festival circuit and if it becomes famous worldwide, there is a huge chance that it would be released in India as well. As of now the audience is European and North American,” replies Mehta.

The film is approximately 25 minutes long. Plans are in place to present the film at various European and American festivals. Right now, the film is in the final stages of post production and should be ready by the middle of July this year!

Here’s the sneak peek of the film:

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