Ayesha gets pranked

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Ayesha Takia fell prey to a prank on the set of her new movie and I will give you one guess who it was. If you said master prankster, Ajay Devgan, you are right! The prank was done during the shooting of the movie Sunday and not only Ajay but also the whole crew including director Rohit Shetty were in on it.

Shetty said, “We were shooting for an action sequence at a hotel in Delhi. Ayesha was supposed to stand with her back to the camera and turn when a car came close to her. When Ayesha was standing with her back to the camera, I quietly signaled all the crew members to leave. One by one, everyone left the sets till the place was completely deserted. As Ayesha was unaware of the prank, she continued to stand with her back to us. After a long time she realised that nothing was happening and there was complete silence. She suddenly turned and was extremely shocked to find nobody around. As there were no cameras or crew members, she started screaming.”

Of course afterwards Ayesha was laughing but was very careful to make sure she knew what was going on around her for the rest of the shoot!

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