Ayesha Takia Loves Making Movies

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Girl-next-door Ayesha Takia has dismissed once and for all any suggestions that she will be winding down her movie career now that she is married. “Hey people, I just wanna make it clear that I will be doing lots more films! I love films and will continue to do them,” she confirmed.

Currently excited about her role opposite Salman Khan in Wanted, she has been in-and-out of the production of Aap Ke Liye Hum and admits that she sometimes finds it difficult to make the right decision. “I contemplate and am on the fence about a lot of things!” she confesses, “I’ve just realized that I’m a normal, confused young person of 2009… by normal I mean real and someone who is sometimes confused and doesn’t decide in an instant!”

Still, Ayesha can always rely on her mother to help her make her decisions. Despite her recent marriage, Ayesha meets up with her mother every single day. “I travel for three hours every day to meet Ayesha,” says Mom, “I decided to shift to Bandra so that I can save up on at least an hour each day.”

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