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Twitter really is making the news these days. First it was Karan Johar’s gentle but ongoing persuasion which worked wonders on so many in the Indian film fraternity and now it seems Mr Amitabh Bachchan is following in his footsteps but convincing prominent stars to join the addictive mini-blog site.

Recently, Mr Bachchan has been found tweeting from his home in London. It is from his tweets that one was able to get confirmation that a certain idiot.. .ahem, sorry, Aamir Khan was also in the same vicinity. Mr Bachchan also told his 160,000 odd followers that he would be meeting Mr Khan for dinner the following evening.

Well, it seems ke dinner toh sirf bahaana tha! Bachchan, once again from his tweets, revealed his attempts at coercing Mr Khan onto Twitter. It seems he spent much of his time turning on the Twitter charm and showing Khan how Twitterland works. His triumphant tweet revealed “Success cometh to those that dare and act! Convinced the in-convincible Aamir over dinner to come on Twitter… we were not drinking”.

So it seems soon Twitter and all that follow will become witness, yet again, to history being made. The 3 Khans on Twitter… who will win the followers race? Well, right now, it seems tis’ better to be a Priyanka Chopra than a Bachchan, Khan or Kapoor… it seems the original “Shero” is well and truly ahead!

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