Bad Language Fails the Beta Test in Ishqiya

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Parts of Abhishek Chaubey’s directorial debut, Ishqiya, are to be re-shot because some of the bad language used by Vidya Balan in the movie left female members of the audience feeling very uncomfortable at the preview showing. “It was shown to a focus group recently,” says a source from the movie, “As usual, there were an equal number of women watching the film. These women were distinctly uncomfortable with the abusive language in the film. As a result, the film is currently being re-shot.”

The film is about two bandits running from the law who stumble across a village and hide out with the sensuous Vidya Balan, playing a role far from her normal image, who then begins to play one off against the other. Vidya found it hard to do hot scenes with co-star Arshad Warsi in the film as in real life they are good buddies. “While Arshad was all game, Vidya just could not stop laughing,” explains the source, “The moment the director would say action, Vidya would end up laughing. She just could not look into Arshad&’s eyes and say the romantic lines.”

Meanwhile, Vidya is still suffering the after-shock of her brief romance with Shahid Kapoor. Stung by his recent comment that he didn”t want to work with her, she replies, “Did I say that that I want to work with him? If someone doesn’t want to work with me, so be it. It’s his loss completely. If someone who matters to you talks you down, it can break you. When someone whose approval matters to you starts to constantly find faults with you, it hurts you. At that point, it was important to walk away from that relationship.”

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