Bebo and Imran launch new Cocoberry flavor

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It was excessive chaos and pandemonium at the popular Bandra, Carter Road when the two young stars Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan made an appearance in an awesome red Ferrari. As part of the promotional drive for their upcoming rom-com Ekk Main Aur Ek Tu which released this Friday, the lead pair launched the new chocolate flavor for the frozen yogurt chain, Cocoberry.

Looking stunning in a red off-shoulder piece, Kareena managed to bring the traffic to a standstill – quite literally. While the media continued to swamp the two, a cute little girl eagerly awaited her turn to get her lovely scrapbook signed by her. Imran still in his beardy out-of-bed look, looked a bit taken back with all the hullabaloo. The pair finally managed to bite into the new flavor and make a quick exit but not before more chaos was created.

Probably one of the few events when the media got completely out of hand! With the mad rush and pushing, this reporter actually did NOT manage to see the two stars at all – and caught the event through the video recorder of the guy standing before her! –  but did managed to get some pics courtesy our very tall cameraman!

Photos courtesy: Krishnan Iyer

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