Bebo gives company to hubby Saif on sets of Bullet Raja

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Saif Ali Khan is back to work and busy shooting for Bullet Raja in Lucknow, while wife Kareena Kapoor has been spotted hanging out on the sets of the film, spending time with him and watching him work.

Bullet Raja’s shoot shifted to the Cantonment in Lucknow on Thursday, and Saif was shooting an action sequence with co-star Jimmy Shergill while Kareena was intently watching the shoot. They were seen chatting and spending time with each other over coffee and cold drinks in between shots, and had their lunch together as well. While Saif was shooting, Kareena was busy on her phone or working on her laptop. She also signed a few autographs for some children around but gradually signalled her guard to keep people away.

As reported, Saif and Kareena have also been catching up with Aamir Khan late at night as he was in town to promote Talaash and was staying at the same hotel as them. Kareena’s first film to hit the theatres after marriage is Talaash that releases on 30th November, co-starring Rani Mukherjee and Aamir Khan.

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