Bebo No Longer a Hanger

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Up until very recently, Saif Ali Khan, it seems, believed that his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor had started to resemble a hanger. Her size zero avatar received much flack from the fans and critics alike. While she did sizzle on screen wearing her bikini in Tashaan and dancing to the popular Chaliya, she did eventually realize that not only did her new look not suit the otherwise curvy Bebo, but it was definitely taking a toll on her health.

Kareena went on to admit that beau Saif Ali Khan does not like the “thin” look and prefers a more “rounded figure.” The couple had recently taken a vacation to an undisclosed location and when the actress had returned, she had restored her healthy look. The best part of our vacation is that I got my butt back. Saif is relieved. He said, “Thank God, I’m no longer dating a hanger,” she revealed in a recent interview. The actor apparently claimed that for a while, he felt that he could “hang things on her” and her size-zero frame was most certainly “bothering him.”

The actress was on Dus Ka Dum with sister Karisma Kapoor for the season opener. The actress admitted to checking Saif’s phone on occasion. “Well, Saif works with such good-looking heroines, who knows…” She was quick to blame older sis Karisma for her inquisitive nature. Karisma herself, admitted to prying into her husband’s phone records too, “Well I certainly check my husband’s call records and SMSs…I’m telling all wives and girlfriends, pick up your husband’s phone and check.” Host Salman Khan too added his two cents over the conversation, “I have never seen my girlfriend’s phone, nor have I ever touched it. But I am sure she checks my phone,” this of course, referring to Katrina Kaif. All this banter over a question presented to the girls which went something like this: “What percentage of Indians check their spouse’s phone records and SMSs?”

Khan ended the segment in his usual jovial self, “Even men check, but out of love, not because of insecurities and jealousy like you women. We trust our girlfriends and wives. And look at them, the top heroines of our industry, what an example you are setting for our viewers,” he joked.

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