Behind the scenes of the songs of ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’

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Bachna Ae Haseeno opened in theaters on August 15th and for many it was the end of a long wait for a new Ranbir Kapoor movie. Fans were also excited to see him paired opposite three lovely ladies, Bipasha Basu, Deepika Padukone and Minissha Lamba in the Yash Raj film. Directed by Siddharth Anand, it is the story of Ranbir’s romance with the three haseenas. Each girl of course has a special song and Yash Raj released the making of the songs on the Internet and TV as part of the promotional campaign. We thought we would present some of the fun tidbits about what happened during the filming of the songs that Ranbir, Minissha, Deepika, Bipasha and director Siddharth revealed.

‘Ahista Ahista’ is the song for Ranbir and Minissha’s characters. Minissha said about the great track, “It’s first love. Ahista Ahista-it happens slowly and it’s pure and beautiful. It’s the first time that its happened and you are exploring it yourself. So that is my song with Ranbir.” For the picturaization you see the two young lovers on a scooter in front of 40 bikers, in a quaint town, on a roller coaster in the snow and on top of a very high, very steep peaked mountain. The shots for the section on the mountain ran into a bit of a problem. Ranbir explained, “Siddharth suddenly got the wicked idea of putting me and Minissha on top of a snow capped mountain.” “It was an isolated hill on the glacier, and I wanted Ranbir and Minissha on top of it and a chopper shot around them,” Siddharth added. To get to the location the two stars had to be airlifted by helicopter. Ranbir was dropped first and then Minissha was taken up but then the pilot gave Siddharth some bad news, “He said okay dude. The wind, the direction has changed. There are clouds coming in now. We can’t get them; they have to be there for a while.” Siddharth yelled, “Get them back! We can’t take the shot!!!” So what happened next? Minissha continued the story saying, “And we can hardly hear ourselves, hardly see anything. Ranbir and me are still screaming at each other… I am telling him no you go and he’s screaming at the person take her, take her. That guy just comes, catches me by the scruff of the neck and he throws me into the chopper. He immediately goes back and picks up Ranbir and puts us in the chopper and then he goes.” Whew rescued!

The snow up there was knee deep and though Ranbir wore sneakers, Minissha was wearing heels. Ranbir praised her saying she was very brave to be in the snow in her sandals! Minissha was so brave she earned a special nickname: “I had to dance in my heels. When the shots were long ya I had to dance in my heels. Hence I was dubbed daredevil. Which is a title I don’t mind actually.”

Bipasha’s song titled ‘Lucky Boy’ is a full on hot item number with dancers, swirling lights, incredible set and Bipasha looking gorgeous. She said the first time she heard ‘Lucky Boy’ was in Capri when they were shooting, “It was an instant hit because any song I hear the first time and if I remember it after a long time then I know it’s going to work.” The set for the song was originally outside but the rains came and destroyed everything including the computers. So it had to be rebuilt inside the Yash Raj studio. Bipasha revealed she did not have much time to rehearse for the dancing sections but felt they went off just fine. However, the lyrics were a bit of a problem. She said, “Well the lyrics are nice, they go with the character that I’m playing in the film. But they were very tough because there were moments where I had to rap and I have never done that before.” Bips really liked the song and said, “I really enjoyed the entire experience of dancing to it, grooving to it. The entire, the unit experience, the people were so much fun. The dancers were awesome and the whole energy of ‘Lucky Boy’ has been positive. So I’m just hoping people loved it.” If you catch the making of video you can see some great shots of the crew grooving to the rockin’ song!

About shooting the third song ‘Khuda Jaane’ with Deepika and Ranbir the director said, “It was a difficult song to shoot, but these guys really cooperated and it took a lot out of them.” ‘Khuda Jaane’ was shot in many locations including a beautiful town, a pristine beach and also a very high rock.

For one part which was set on the beach they searched many locations to find the perfect place. They found a beautiful stretch of beach with white sand, gorgeous white cliffs and turquoise water. But there was one problem: the water was freezing! For the last shot Ranbir and Deepika were in that water waist deep. Deepika said, “That was a lot of effort. Please appreciate that shot because the water was freezing.”

For another scene, Ranbir was on a 3-foot by 3-foot square top of a 30-foot high rock structure. Though it was visually fantastic, there was a small issue because Ranbir, as he said, has a “vertical problem”. He said it was very scary for him because of his fear of heights. “They wanted me to do all these heroic postures. Khuda Jaaneeee [spreads arms out in heroic posture].” Ranbir went on to say that being up there was not so bad. It was the getting up and coming down that was the hard part.

Not only are Ranbir and Deepika reel lovers, they are also in love in real life and about shooting the song together Ranbir said, “This is actually my first love song were I am intimately close to a woman.” While Deepika revealed a very sweet thing when she said, “I think the first time when we were saying our lines we actually meant what we were saying.” Awwwww.

Be sure to take a look at the making of videos because they also include some great shots from the sets. You can now see the final product because Bachna Ae Haseeno is in theaters now!

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