Best Tweets of 2009

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Twitter was everywhere this year! The social networking site is part message board and part blog, where you can “tweet” your thoughts, links, or pictures in 140 characters or less. What is so cool about Twitter is that it is democratic – anybody and everybody can use it! Bollywood celebrities love the Internet just as much as we do and through Twitter we can get up close and personal with our favorite stars!

Here are some of our favorite tweets of the year!

Mallika Sherawat (@mallikaLA) was the undisputed Queen of Twitter this year, even going as far as to tweet from Twitter headquarters in California! Mallika’s tweeting style is fast and furious – she enjoys responding back to fan questions and posting nuggets of wisdom from iconic actresses like Mae West. One of her running jokes this summer was a rumored Charlie’s Angels remake that would star her, Bipasha Basu, and Priyanka Chopra – this particular tweet includes a link to a fan-made poster of the imaginary film.

LOL! BEST ANGELS POSTER YET? wth mor cast! @priyankachopra @ShazBoy Wow…luk wot I saw on my net travels; ! Is ths4real?

It’s not just actors and actresses who have taken to tweeting. Producer/Director Karan Johar (@kjohar25) is another great tweeter but rather than sharing details of his personal life, Karan keeps his followers entertained with bits of gossip from his film sets. He’s even been known to give the ‘tweeple’ first looks at promotional posters for upcoming films! This particular tweet is noteworthy because it captures Karan’s dry humor. Pritish Nandy had tweeted a link to a cartoon mocking the Karan Johar-produced Kurbaan and Karan responded as you see here.

surprised how much time pritish nandy has to uplink google reader updates…must take a lesson of time managemant from his busy schedule

Vivek Oberoi (@vivek_oberoi) lets his good-natured personality shine through on Twitter. Vivek updates his followers on his travels and social events. He posts pictures of himself goofing around with his friends and family and tells jokes. Vivek is one of the most boisterous and enjoyable tweeters in Bollywood! This tweet captures his easy rapport with his fans. Having visited Bangalore, Vivek was being driven to the airport by his friend’s driver and jokingly asked his tweeps for an appropriate Kannada phrase to tell him to slow down.

Okay urgently need help!!! Somebody pls teach me how to say ‘slow down dude! I dnt wanna die’ in kannada…sudeep’s driver’s gone psycho!!!

For all those who sent gaalis n insults conning me…hahaha!!! I’ve done that to my firangi co-stars so often…so I know 😉 later tweeple!!

We make think that all Bollywood celebrities are jet-setting party animals but one who reveals his normality on Twitter is Imran Khan (@1mrankhan). Imran is more likely to tweet about his x-box than how many shots he had at the bar the night before. This tweet shows Imran in a situation we can all identify with – what to wear to a big event! It’s not too hard to imagine Jai from Jaane Tu Ya Janne Na asking something similar.

Getting ready to go for Manish Malhotra’s show. Panicking. I’ve never been to a fashion show, what am I supposed to wear?

I’m sending ninjas to kill the next person who suggests I wear ‘clothes’. You’re all not helping.

Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbachchan) mostly tweets about the traffic in Mumbai, which he seems to be always stuck in! Unlike his famous father, who writes pages and pages on his blog everyday, the “Junior” Bachchan is a man of few words. But Abhishek handles everything with humor, which must be difficult when one is subject to abuses like this tweet.

ladies and gentlemen presenting…. @mustafarocks786: @juniorbachchan u stupid no talent nothing only coz big b son ur in film fraternity

Another surprisingly normal guy is Riteish Deshmukh (@riteishd). Riteish is a movie buff and keeps his followers posted on what he’s watching and what he thinks of the latest releases. He’s also a top-notch banterer and you can often catch him in a back-and-forth tweet conversation with people like Vishal (@v1sh4l) or film critic Rajeev Masand (@rajeevmasand). This humorous tweet had him comforting Abhishek Bachchan after some negative reviews of his performance in Paa.

@juniorbachchan “riteish is as wooden as a tree trunk!”…. was my first movie review. (my performance was environment friendly). GO GREEN

Musicians often have a reputation for being disconnected from the real world but Vishal Dadlani (@v1sh4l) aka half of Bollywood music duo Vishal-Shekar is a very with-it guy. He likes to tweet about his latest happenings with Pentagram and sometimes about who has been visiting him at the recording studio but he also keeps up with current events, like this tweet responding to a misogynistic statement by Prahlad Kakkar.

Women, dark or fair, give us everything we have, make us everything we are. Disrespect them and you deserve no respect, Prahlad.

Preity Zinta (@realpreityzinta) is achingly earnest. Far from her sometime party-girl image, Preity uses Twitter to correct rumors being spread about her, update her fans on her latest charitable and intellectual pursuits, and spread nuggets of wisdom – like this tweet!

Patriotism does not mean fighting corruption, fighting terrorism ONLY.It also means Loving our country and keeping it clean and green !

Star daughter, musician, and Bollywood debutante Shruti Hasaan (@shrutihaasan) is extremely irreverent and very enjoyable to follow. Her tweets have a very stream-of-consciousness feel to them and seem to come very late at night. This one captures Shruti’s unique perspective on life!

sarees are tough attire,how the hell to heroines dance and fight in it man new found respect…!! madhuri dixit you rock:)

Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) was one of the hardest working actresses in Bollywood this year. Her tweets usually come as she dashes from the gym to the set and back again – running from dance rehearsals to fittings and, very rarely, home to sleep. This tweet catches her at a rare moment of rest and peace. A well-earned break for a hard-working woman!

I loooooove maggi noodles!! Evening time.. Cool breeze.. Hot maggi and and hot chocolate.. And Ma gang of girls!! Perfect!

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