Bhairavi Goswami accuses Bachchans of Hypocrisy

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When father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan announced Aishwariya Rai Bachchan’s pregnancy via Twitter, congratulatory messages started to pour in from around the world and of course from within the industry. Starlet Bhairavi Goswami, who made her debut in 2007 with Bheja Fry, also reacted to the news but her message was not one of congratulations but exactly the opposite. In fact in a Twitter/Facebook post she accuses the Bachchan family of hypocrisy.

Bhairavi tweeted: “Nauseating 2 read superstars givg interviews abt wanting a girl baby whn she has gone 2 Bangkok to an IVF clinic which specializes in boy babies. Height of hypocrisy. They knw damn well its a boy, aftr all she has to produce a male heir at any cost – Typical UP mentality, no wonder that state has such high female foeticide.”

If anything, one does get a strange feel after reading this tweet as it is filled with anger. Though the tweet was clearly poster via her account, the actress denies it was meant for the Bachchans. She said in an interview with a leading paper, “I don’t tweet about celebs as a policy. I tweet about social issues close to my heart. As a rule, I don’t tweet about celebs, actors or personalities of any field. They don’t need any attention, and I’m interested in the common man, not celebrities. It doesn’t even have to be a local Bollywood superstar, it can be, like, any superstar, right?”

Bhairavi also denied having posted the message on the social networking site. “The account is a public account. It’s ‘Bhairavi Goswami fan club’, it has not been posted on my personal account, it has been posted on my FB page which is not managed by me. I also do post on it sometimes, I agree, but there are three of us who have the password, there are three people who are page admin – my manager, and another friend of mine who handles my shows and events. This tweet was not posted on Twitter. Since they’re all interlinked – LinkedIn, MySpace – but this was originally posted on my fan page. So it’s not my personal site. It was not posted on my account. It was posted on my fan page.”

Though she denies it is about Aishwarya , “This comment has nothing to do with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan or any… I don’t talk about celebrities, I’m not interested in celebs and what they’re doing. I’m interested in social issues,” if you look at Facebook there are more comments from her in the last few days with the latest being, “Brickbats I expected in heaps & tons but the Boquets r completely unexpected. I’m overwhelmed & humbled by the support. Thank You.”

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