Bhool Bhulaiyaa

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When a comedic remake of a drama-heavy Malayalam movie is called for, the only director worthy of the task is Priyadarshan. Add a tablespoon of stardom, including Akshay Kumar. Priyadarshan and Akshay have worked together enough before that we’ve set ourselves numerous expectations of them. At this stage, enter Bhool Bhulaiyaa. This is hit-maker Pritam’s third time working with Priyadarshan, after ‘Garam Masala’ and ‘Bhagam Bhag’. Stir in the lyrics by Sameer and it’s the recipe for a rocking soundtrack. So what can you expect of this album that Pritam has cooked up? Let’s take a look.

Blending in English lyrics seamlessly with the Hindi counterparts, the title track is a definite foot-tapper. Fast-paced but somewhat repetitive, ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ innovatively uses the lyrics ‘Hare Krishna Hare Ram.’ Reminiscent of Bhagam Bhag’s title track, it still has enough unique tunes to carry it off. Neeraj Sridhar of Bombay Vikings fame is completely at home behind the mike of this song, adding just the right ‘cool’ factor. Just a slight caution before you dash off to hear this track: it’s gonna be stuck in your head, guaranteed!

Four of the seven tracks in this album have remix versions. The title track is no exception. Best of all, the remix doesn’t completely ruin the original. In fact, some might even find themselves more inclined towards the additional English spices which accompany this version.

Even before the lyrics begin, you know ‘Labon Ko’ is not a track you want to miss. Pritam has hit the bulls-eye with the distinctive beginning which was probably a mix rendered in the studio, slowly building up to K.K.’s effortless crooning. The tempo is set at a contrast to the passionate singing and lyrics, yet the combination definitely clicks. Before this, Pritam composed and K.K. sung his heart away in the amazing ‘Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai’, starring Shiney Ahuja. One can’t help but recall that when one discovers this track, too, is picturized on him and Vidya Balan. Providing a deep sense of love and passion, this number too has its own remix version, both of which are fit to add to latest playlist!

Oh, here’s the shenaiye! Taking its time to enter the core, ‘Let’s Rock Soniye’ seems to skip through a variety of genres, seemingly undecided but not discontinuous. When the lyrics begin, you optimistically raise your head. Is that Shaan I hear? Yes, the lovable, never-miss boy is sings with Tulsi Kumar’s shrill tunes in this definite wedding number. Peppered with rap, salted with your basic ‘dhol’ beats, stirred with suiting lyrics, prepare your taste-buds for feast of flavors…in the same dish!

And K.K.’s back! Ay oye oh! In ‘Sajda’ he brings out youthful flavor, fresh and happy. Sameer’s pens the lyrics relating inextricably to the lighthearted happiness that love brings, heightening the feel of youthfulness. Another instant foot-tapper, it could flow seamlessly into any college movie. Let’s see what Priyadarshan’s picturization adds to this above-average track. Although able to pull its own weight, this won’t be making any top ten lists. Yes, it has a remix, but what’s new?

Ghungroos chiming in rhythm to the taal with a light sitar in the background. From the first second, ‘Mere Dholna’ spells classical. With a standard classical beat, any tabla-player or Kathak-dancer will rejoice to hear it. Pritam’s label of a pop/rock-genre composer may need to be reexamined as he considerably expands his range himself with this one track. The arrangement is well done, lasting almost seven minutes, and may go over well in the movie with a decent picturization.

With Shreya Ghoshal’s flawless sweet voice behind the mike, nothing can go wrong. Challenging to the extreme due to its classical nature, she embraces the change of genre with grace only a singer of her caliber is able to do. MG Shree Kumar, a talented Southern vocalist, accompanies her, a heavy task in itself, on this track. A song unlike any to come from this industry’s movies in recent years, it will definitely make a mark among the classical listeners, although ‘Mere Dholna’ might lack mass appeal.

Perhaps the single unappealing track is Tulsi Kumar’s solo, ‘Sakhiya’. Although it won’t necessarily kill your eardrums as it is tastefully done, this track is not one anybody will recognize two months from now. Sameer fights a losing battle to sustain interest in this track. If you’re waiting for a chance to leave the movie and go for relieve yourself, now would probably be a good time to do it.

Finishing off on an upbeat note, we are once again confronted by K.K.’s immense talent in ‘Allah Hafiz.’ Oh, and the Pritam we all know and love is back, too! With light overtones and beats that won’t go amiss, here’s what you were looking for and expecting in this album! In addition, Sameer’s lyrics won’t be lost to the beats and they are quite suiting, although just short of innovative. With Pritam’s signature style all over it and K.K. at center-stage, here’s a complete Akshay tune that’s going to deliver.

Let’s summarize Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Catchy tunes? Check. Cool singing? Check. Disco beats? Check. Gen-x lyrics? Check. Something for the classics? Check. Love ballad? Check. What more could you ask for? This recipe is jam-packed with everything, from the mediocre to the brilliant. How’s that for a Priyadarshan-surprise?

Our Rating

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