Big B rapping and crooning

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One of the busiest actors working in Bollywood today, Amitabh Bachchan aka Big B, is not only filming for his upcoming movies he is also making time to record songs for them. And they are not run of the mill roles or songs. In fact, this past week he recorded two rap songs and a ballad for two different characters, one a bhoot (ghost) and one a dijnn (genie). All three songs are by the team of Vishal-Shekar and are for the films Bhootnath and Alladdin.

Big B, who is currently filming in Goa for Bhootnath said, “I’ve sung a rap song for Vishal-Shekhar for my ghost’s character in Bhootnath and another rap song for my djinn’s character in Alladdin. Plus I recorded a soft lyrical number for Bhootnath. As soon as I return I’ll record one more song for Alladin.”

Jokingly adding, “It looks like the music composers are thinking of an alternative career for me. They obviously don’t think much of me as an actor.”

We certainly do think very highly of him as an actor and can not wait to hear him deliver his lines, as well as sing, in both of these films.

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