Bigg Boss calls the shots at his home

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Another week begins at the Bigg Bosses house, and every contestant in the house is now one step closer to the grand prize of a 7,500,000 rupees. Amongst all thorns of nomination planning and scheming games against one another, there are a few roses that are blooming petals of love. The Rahul-Monica love angle was at its usual high while the shy Ashutosh-Diana flirting continued. This week however, comes a grand surprise from the Boss himself as he decides to teach every member of the house a lesson. Nomination day arrives and he reminds everyone that it is against the rules of the Bigg Boss house to plan and discuss nominations which, of course, every house mate has violated. For this, they ALL have been nominated to leave the house. Yes, ALL OF THEM! So come Friday, we will see not one, two or three bags packed but all of seven of them! As they say though, a dog’s tail can never be straight and as soon as Bigg Boss announced his verdict, the housemates rejoiced and applauded the decision, wished each other good luck and once again went into plans of conspiring for the following week.

This week’s task for the clan involves acting in the house. Each day, a new movie will be given to them and they are to pick characters and stay in those characters all day until the alarm is bajaoed. The first movie, which the house flopped at, was the epic love story, Devdas. Most of the household had not seen the movie, and Bigg Boss decided to give them another chance at it with the evergreen Sholay. The kids in house are definitely up to fun this week. All that is left to see is who stays and who goes. Will the lovers be torn apart? Or will it be one of the masterminds who walk out the door? Watch this space for more!

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