Bipasha and Billy Zane

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American actor Billy Zane, who was The Phantom in the movie of the same name, and has also played the roles of Dracula in Vlad and Marc Anthony in Cleopatra, is lined up to star in a movie alongside Bipasha Basu called Chai Mera. It will be directed by Daniel Silverman who made The Devil Wears Prada and will also feature a cameo from Kunal Kapoor. Shooting begins in March.

A source for the movie said, “Chai Mera is a thriller and will be directed by Hollywood filmmaker Daniel Silverman. Bipasha has got an author backed role and has been paid a huge signing amount for the film. A large part of the film will be shot in India with Billy Zane, famous for his villain’s part in the mega successful and multiple Oscar award winning film, Titanic being part of it. Kunal Kapoor will feature in a special appearance but his character is supposed to be very important.”

Bipasha will be hoping that this new development in her career will give her the opportunity to demonstrate her acting talents instead of just being seen as a sex symbol. “I am bored of being looked upon as just hot,” she says, “Not that I don’t like it. It’s a compliment but people somehow associate all my roles with the word sexy! If I play a teacher I am a sexy teacher, sexy cop, a sexy housewife. I am not trying to get rid of my image but it’s just that no matter what I do, these adjectives just don’t leave me!”

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