Bipasha and Katrina are not friends

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Bipasha Basu and Katrina Kaif have co-starred in two films now (Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye and Race), and you would think the hot girls would get along like house on a fire. However, the girls share anything but a friendly bond. According to Bips, she shares a ‘zero equation’ with Kat. In her own words, she claimed in a recent interview with India Times, “I don’t speak to Katrina because, of the vibes we share. I get no vibe from her, so I am going to behave in the same fashion. I am not here to make friends.” While the girls do indulge in confrontational arguments, they do not feel the need to utter a single word to each other and prefer to keep their relationship extremely professional. Bipasha further claimed that she behaves the same way any other co-star acts with her; friendly behavior will get you a sociable Bipasha and a snooty attitude will get you the same right back! In the case of Katrina, Bipasha feels that her quiet, distant and resentful posture has made her give Katrina the cold shoulder.

Katrina too shares the same sentiments and took an exactly same position on her “friendship” with Bipasha. In the pipelines for Katria is New York which stars Bipasha’s real life love John Abraham with the beauty. So now, will the equation change? We doubt it! In the meantime, we’re sure Kat and Bips will continue their reign at the box-office and enjoy their individual successes.

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