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Fads in Bollywood are big. When Bipasha Basu chopped her long mane for the summer, very quickly a whole range of actresses followed in her footsteps. This time the craze in town in Botox. Pooja Bedi has spoken and admitted to using Botox on a number of occasions. “No one wants to look like a prune at 60. I have an expressive face and I had these huge, deep, wrinkles on my forehead. And so I got Botox done and now my forehead is smooth as a baby’s bottom. I don’t think it is shallow to obsess about how one looks. What is wrong with using the best money can buy to look one’s best,” she has been heard stating a number of times. And this isn’t just for our leading ladies. According to Bedi, “Most Bollywood hunks that women drool over use Botox today.” But she refused to divulge any names of course.

Preity Zinta’s flawless skin is due to her many Botox sessions and injections. Madhuri Dixit, who swore by Multani mitti face packs, has also taken to Botox as is her contemporary, Sridevi, who seems to be looking younger every minute. Saif Ali Khan is rumored to have had a couple of shots in order to play the uber young Jai in Love Aaj Kal while the eternal bachelor, Salman Khan apparently uses Botox to firm up his biceps. More recently, Neha Dhupia is said to have joined the bandwagon and was seen looking facially different. Botox has taken over this Bollywood babe too.

However, a few in the industry prefer to go the more natural way and are far too scared to get injected. Perizaad Zorabian is one such starlet. “I do not have the courage to do any of these procedures. I would love to age gracefully like Nafisa Ali. I like the beauty that comes with age,” she claims.

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