BTS: ‘Ruk Ruk’ from Kajol’s Helicopter Eela!

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Pradeep Sarkar’s next directorial, Helicopter Eela has already become the talk of the town for its endearing narrative and select star-cast. Now with brand new song the excitement is even higher!

‘Ruk Ruk’ has finally arrived to bring nostalgia back and Kajol in her prettiest mommy-avatar in Helicopter Eela is surely setting some high standards.

Check it out!

Apparently the creation and ideas of the song were so instant that we’ve got the proof here for you.

It suddenly occurred to the director to incorporate something different into the script and he knew nothing else but ‘Ruk Ruk’ will add that element of jazz into the play. He wanted to restyle it in a way suiting to the present era, rather a reprise version, that would remain to be as original as its precedent, composed by Anu Malik.

Talking about the new song, composer Raghav says, “I’ve retained the melody just like it was in the original by Anu Malik. We have updated the song with new rap portions that make it more conversational. Since Eela’s character is very expressive, it adds a personal touch to the song.”

He reveals that track was composed in record time. Raghav adds, “One morning, Pradeep da (Sarkar, director) called me and said, ‘Raghav, I want you to recreate the Ruk Ruk Ruk song for a film I’m working on. Send it to me by afternoon’. I was stumped, but having worked with him for 22 years, I understood. I rushed to the studio and worked up the basic tune with the rap portions by three in the afternoon. By evening, Pradeep da was also in the studio. When he first heard the song, he just got up and started dancing.”

Here’s presenting the making video which will take you through a journey of re-making a much-loved song with Anu Malik sharing his candid opinions too.

Helicopter Eela is set for an October 12th release.

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