Celina Jaitley was a soldier

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Since childhood, Celina Jaitley has suffering from a recurring and excruciating pain in her stomach. Now she feels she is closer to an answer having regressed into her past lives for the fascinating TV series Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka. Hypnotised by Dr Trupti Jayan, Celina apparently visits three past lives and in one of them she is a man – a soldier in fact. Having joined the army to escape poverty, she died with a shrapnel wound in the very place she suffers a repetitive pain in her current life. Even more amazing is the fact that she appears to recognise her brother and mother in her past life as relations then too.

“Raaz Pichhle Janam Ka has been a life-turning experience for me,” she says, “I have always wondered about the phenomenon of past life and have read a lot of books on the subject. During my regression, I went back into 3 different lifetimes, which upon researching more deeply came up with shocking and apt tallies. It’s an experience I will never forget.”

Celina is very much looking forward to the release of her next movie, Accident on Hill Road, a psychodrama, which finally gives her the chance to act, rather than just look glamorous. In fact the director insisted she put on a bit of weight, cut her hair and look normal for her role as an overworked nursing assistant. “You should have seen the kind of food that I guzzled during the entire time period that I was working on Accident…,” she says, “The director didn’t want me to look muscular and I had to look normal, though not really fat. Guess what, I didn’t work out at all through the film’s shoot! Instead, I was feasting on biryani. It was great fun because for a change, I could indulge in food the way I wished.”

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