Cheetah Girls in Bollywood

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The Disney Channel’s superstars, The Cheetah Girls, have made their latest movie in Rajasthan and it’s in the best of Bollywood traditions. As Kiely Williams (Aqua in the Cheetah Girls) says, “You’re definitely going to learn about the traditional Bollywood film. It has all the elements: romance, a wedding, family. Usually there’s [a girl from] an affluent family and a poor, unassuming guy — and they fall in love. We’re melding traditional Bollywood dance with hip-hop. We definitely go all out for our wedding scene: total, complete saris.”

The movie, The Cheetah Girls: One World also stars Sabrina Bryan as Dorinda and Adrienne Bailon as Chanel – the other Cheetah Girls. What did Adrienne think that kids would learn from the movie? “Kids are really going to see what a vibrant culture India has. They are going to love the clothing, the dancing, the music. It’s super-festive.”

Kiely added a comment about the animals of Rajasthan, “Cows are common. They walk in the road; they’re lying down in the road. And camels. And it’s also not uncommon to see an elephant walking when you’re driving: ‘There’s an elephant!’ ‘No problem, go around him.’ “

The Cheetah Girls are the latest Disney media sensation and include three movies, a video game, TV series and of course lots and lots of tie-in merchandise. Disney has spared no expense in manufacturing the group, bringing in such well-known producers as will of the Black Eyed Peas to help produce their first album released last year. The girls are hoping to develop an adult audience with some top-notch hip-hop producers on the payroll – and on the other hand they also can be found recording a cover of ‘Someday My Prince Will Come’ for Disney Records.

You can see Cheetah Girls: One World when it premieres August 22nd on the Disney Channel.

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