Claudia and Salman – What Next?

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With her legion of fans in Germany and the UK, red-haired Polish-German photomodel Claudia Ciesla is hoping to finally make it big in Bollywood….with Salman Khan’s help! Claudia, who is currently in Mumbai, is said to have bumped into Salman over tea. “Sallu saw her with one of his acquaintances and summoned him to his table,” says a source, “He chatted with him briefly, got up from his table and went over to speak to Claudia. She told him about wanting to make it in Bollywood and he told her not to worry, now that she’d met him.”

Claudia is not a newcomer to the scene, having already appeared in two small-budget movies – Karma and 10:10. Confident in her own abilities, she confirms, “If Katrina can do it, I think anyone can. Look where she came from! She had no knowledge of the language and still, she is at the top. I want to be that girl and better. I have all the potential to beat her.”

Claudia is a determined, no-nonsense young woman. Coming from the relatively poor mining area of Silesia, she has plotted her career assiduously. Her career took off in 2006, when she was made Football World Cup Girl for popular German newspaper Bild. Her face was featured everywhere and on the back of this, she developed her career elsewhere, becoming Snow Queen in Austria in 2008, appearing in an Italian sit-com Outsiders in Palermo and releasing her first single, I Love Dancing in the UK in the same year. And now, Bollywood beckons…..

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