Cyrus Sahukar drove the Aisha girls mad

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Funny man turned VJ turned actor Cyrus Sahukar has been driving the Aisha girl’s team mad. Cyrus Sahukar and Sonam Kapoor became friends on the sets of Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra’s Delhi – 6. Cyrus then got another chance to work with Sonam in Anil Kapoor’s soon to be released Aisha.

It was during the shooting of a particular scene in the beautiful valleys of Hrishikesh, where Cyrus had to drive the three girls – Sonam, Ira and Amrita in a car. Since Sonam and Cyrus are such great friends, she knew that Cyrus did not know how to drive. This created havoc as the girls refused to give the shot with Cyrus because they were scared of sitting in the same car as Cyrus, because the road they were shooting on was narrow and dangerous. So, as soon as Cyrus drove a few inches, the girls would scream out loud.

“Cyrus who is petrified of driving cars, because of a terrible accident in his childhood, specially had taken driving lessons for the film, but in spite of the driving lessons the girls were not ready to even sit in the same car as him and kept shouting whenever he started to drive. This totally distracted Cyrus and he couldn’t give the shot correctly. So scared were the girls that eventually the shot was taken with Cyrus and the girls acting as if he was driving…a fake driving,” says the source close to Cyrus.

But at least for once Cyrus Sahukar managed to drive the girls mad without being funny.

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